Translated literally from Greek, apocalypse is a disclosure of great knowledge in an era dominated by falsehood and misconceptions. The apocalypse is God’s Renaissance.

The Christian Folly is a disclosure of Christianity’s rock of stumbling over its failure to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. For the first time, all of prophecy aligns to a single command from Jesus Christ to establish heaven as prophecy calls everlasting righteousness. Righteousness is not morality or any carnal commandant. It is living the Laws of Heaven or as defined as the Holy Order of the Son of God. Melchisedec was called the king of heaven because in the Order of Melchisedec they practiced everlasting righteousness.

When the Great Tower was built to reach heaven, it was not a physical stepping up into heaven. It was a prophecy in stone. It was the Great Pyramid. Tradition does not know this because there is no truth in the idea that Shem went east to Ur of Chaldea and Japheth went North to the Isle of the Gentiles. Genesis does not indicate where the generations of Ham were scattered. This indicates that the Tower was not in the traditional Babylon because this is the area that Shem was scattered. The only place that works is Egypt as the place where all were scattered from while the people of Ham remained.

The kingdom of heaven is the economics of the Holy Order of the Son of God. This was given first to the fathers of antiquity, withheld from the Jews by Moses, restored by Jesus Christ for the first time since Abraham. Both Jew and Gentile have rejected and corrupted heaven since Christ and then comes the sixty-second week when God saw fit to restore it during the week of the confirmation of the covenant. What happened is that during the midst of that week the holy people destroyed the city and the sanctuary, which was the Holy Order of the Son of God or the Order of Enoch. This was the abomination predicted by Daniel. Why would the Lord talk about secular kingdoms when it would be more important to talk about the kingdoms of everlasting righteousness by using Nebuchadnezzar as allegory for the first kingdom of Christianity. This hid the message from the Jews but left if for those who can see at the time of the end?

Just to show the importance of Egypt, it was then that their Thoth was the author of all works of science, religion and philosophy.[1] Thoth called their hieroglyphic script "mdwt ntr" (god's words). The word hieroglyph comes from the Greek hieros (sacred) plus glypho (inscriptions). The Greeks declared Thoth the inventor of astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, medicine, botany, theology, civilized government, the alphabet, reading, writing and oratory. They further claimed he was the true author of every work of every branch of knowledge, human and divine.[2]

Because of some inner fear, we want to feel alive. We seek for the idolatry of an illusion to cover our sin. We turn things upside down by turning our denial into false truths. Psychological cause and effect are like a spiritual universe going in the opposite direction of that which is intended. The intent seems to seek for a justifiable lie rather than the truth. We are in denial because we do not want to accept the responsibility to everlasting righteousness.

For thousands of years man has lived a lie and cannot see clearly. Instead of seeing through the allegory of scripture and giving light, man cover over the spirit of our intelligence with false truths by taking things literally and attempt to remove an assumed physical mote from our eyes. We remain so busy looking at the physical stuff in life we do not see our denial that shackles us with spiritual blindness. Both the theist and the atheist cannot see the face of God that stands before them. Both turn God into an imagination, or we have unimagined him in order to keep our fear at bay. We have a psychological or correctly understood as spiritual problem accepting the truth we refuse to see. We justify our basic duty but never cleave to the greater responsibility. The psychologist would say we lock our minds in denial, but the inner spirit says we lock our attention into idolatry—the extreme admiration of a superficial reality of magic.

The purpose of the Christian Folly is to remove the spiritual scales from our eyes, those of our own make, and not the physical mote we blame the world for. God put us here to see if we can determine the different between faith and force. That is why we cannot remember. It is our test to see if we are made of the right spiritual stuff or we simply cover our fears in denial by adhering to methods of force to justify our lust for honor. Saying it poignantly, God gave us physical allegory until we reached the ability to see through our deniable lie. Few individuals rise and see, but man as a whole can be predictable. It has taken us until the seventh millennium before we will fully understand once we see through the allegory in prophecy.

Socrates taught the meaning of things, yet his student Plato fashioned a world to be controlled by the elite. Christ taught us the meaning of heaven and his student priests fashioned a world of fetish beliefs. Man is more attracted to idolatrous leaders than to understanding. For centuries, we were attracted to the gall of strange doctrines until the day of the reformation when the mind again wanted to rise out of central controlled authority. The technology of the printing press aided this transformation. It was not long until again we suffered control under different kings having different religious platitudes. When a new land became a reality and the industrial revolution came to our aid, we again escaped the tyranny of a political king.

Since we are now in troublous times after a few hundred years of freedom, we should look again to our mistakes of failing in the obtaining everlasting righteousness a Jesus Christ intended.

Nothing helps us to understand because we assume that God would always want to show his great technology or save the world from poverty. If he does not, we conclude there is no God. Then again, we may not understand the reasons for God’s silence at times. Is there a reason that God does not meddle as much as the atheist expects to prove their need of control? In a similar way, the theist does not understand knowledge and lacks the wisdom to see outside of social tradition started by the proud leader. The theist expects magic and the atheist wants to control. We fall repeatedly every time we rise, because we are missing the truth.

The Egyptian God of antiquity had a very long-life span. It becomes evident that the first patriarchs became the Gods of mythology. Eventually everything fell into degenerate concepts of a fallen civilization. Even though Abraham had heaven, the Jews could never tolerate it—a decision made by Moses and the reason he broke the tablets. If you dare to turn the pages, you might see for the first time that human responsibility has fallen to the depths of despair. Not even the Jew, Catholic, Protestant and especially the Mormon, can pull us out of the pit until they all come to understand prophecy regarding each of their kingdoms. Only then will prophetic answers bring God again.

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